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Au Naturel

We wanted to share some of our favorites and the Au Naturel company is one of them. Whether for lovers of cocooning or simply to enhance the air in the house, perfect for you or as a gift.

Au Naturel is a Quebec company that manufactures, by hand, its many products. Basically, it was only candles made with vegetable soy wax, but now we find candles, body butter, bath teas, shampoo bars, volcanic bracelets, and so on.

Lianne has a very important philosophy: “as often as possible, use recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials. The candles are cast in Mason jars, the wicks are made of high strength paper without lead or chemicals. Also, even the labels on the packaging are recycled paper.

The concept of Au Naturel is perfect. Here are some darling products:

1- The candles

Vegetable soy wax, in addition to being 100% natural, has several advantages:

  • Slower melting, which allows for extended use of the candle;
  • Soy is eco-friendly, it grows without any pesticides or herbicides; 
  • The wax that permeates the wick gives a brighter flame; 
  • It melts at a very low temperature, which does not alter the natural fragrance; 
  • Evaporates completely, which makes cleaning the container very easy; 
  • No chemicals are transmitted in the air. 

Au Naturel offers us nearly 15 fragrances that will delight all desires. Whether for cooking, or a relaxing atmosphere in your bath, you will certainly find one to your taste!


2- Bath tea

Super discovery! The same principle as a tea bag that is allowed to brew into a cup. Simply fill the linen pouch with bath tea and simmer in the bath water. You will enjoy a sweet and relaxing smell of a well-thought mixture of various dried flowers (chamomile, rose, etc.). In addition to providing you with a soothing moment, Au Naturel bath tea is composed of sun-dried sea salt, so without transformation, which greatly promotes the hydration and strengthening of the skin barrier. To offer on all occasions.

3- Volcanic bracelet

But what is it? Volcanic stone is, for many, synonymous with energy intake, increased mood and spontaneity. Here, it is mainly used for its beauty, but also for its effectiveness. Add a few drops of your favorite organic essential oil and enjoy all the benefits that this combination can bring you. The volcanic stone is porous and requires no cleaning, after a few days, the essential oil has evaporated, so you can change the fragrance without problems. Let us make the useful to the pleasant!

4- The candle “Campfire”

In addition to all the benefits of the soy wax candle seen above, you can enjoy a camping or cottage experience right at home. Designed by hand and with a secret recipe to recreate the smell, to be mistaken, of campfire. In addition, the wick in walnut crackles! As if you were there. You will have more than 35 hours of relaxation.

Au Naturel also offers several other products, such as: body butter without perfume (simply add a drop of essential oil to enhance it to your liking); the mask of the Dead Sea (mud mask filled with minerals beneficial to the skin); the shampoo bar; aromatherapy spray; natural wood bracelets; the bamboo brush, etc.

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