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Histoire de bulles

The soapery Histoire de bulles

This is a beautiful story of family and passion. Kim Rioux of St-Georges-de-Beauce had a dream and, with the support of her husband, began making her first soaps in her kitchen in 1999.

Step by step, Histoire de bulles accumulated success and embarked on its flight of other enthusiasts to continue the adventure. In 2004, Kim and her family opened a boutique with a workshop and continued her ascent.

Today, their products tour Quebec, from Port-Cartier to Gatineau. Goat milk soaps, bath bombs and maple soy candles are an integral part of Boutique Kozy’s products. You have to try them to believe it.

In-depth research is done to ensure that the ingredients used meet the standards they have set for themselves: high-quality plant ingredients, goat’s milk from a local farm, honey from their own hive, and so on.

Let’s talk about the products we have in our stores:

Glycerin and goat’s milk soaps

It is well known, goat milk is beneficial for the skin, but how?

First of all, it has exceptional moisturizing properties due to its very fine protein composition that is more easily absorbed by the skin. Goat’s milk is naturally enriched with minerals and vitamins A which helps to nourish the skin.

Commercial soaps tend to dry out the natural barrier of the skin while goat’s milk, on the other hand, restores, give back suppleness and retains the elasticity of the epidermis.

Ideal for sensitive skin (eczema, psoriasis), even that of children. The major advantage of Bubble Story’s soaps is that they are combined with glycerine: creates a beautiful mousse, but also, decreases the slightly pungent smell that is known from goat’s milk. Enjoy the benefits without the disadvantages!




Bath bombs

In addition to being fun, bath bombs, depending on their fragrance, can make you enjoy as much of a moment of relaxation as a slight tonic of the kind. Your bath will be filled with a soft milky foam and you will leave with the skin of an incomparable softness.

The main ingredient of a bath bomb is baking soda, known to be very versatile in all aspects of life: recipe, household, cosmetic, etc.

Bubble Story uses only natural ingredients to complete the recipe: citric acid, various plants according to the fragrance, olive oil, shea butter and essential oil for the smell. Your children and you will be spoiled with these bath bombs with exceptional fragrances.


Maple soy candle

Be careful not to be confused with a cane of maple butter. The smell is so realistic that you’ll want to plunge a spoon into it. In addition to being made only with natural ingredients (soy wax and maple), the wooden wick crackles!

You will have for several hours since it is composed of 1 lb of complete wax. Knowing that soy wax evaporates less quickly than paraffin wax, it will burn for nearly 50 hours.


In short! The Quebec company Histoire de bulles needs to be known, try their products to fall in love!




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